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Chromalox SDRA-CC-30-93 Super Dragon Portable Electric Blower Heater - 30,000 watts, 600 volts, 3 phase

Part Number SDRA-CC-30-93
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Chromalox SDRA-CC-30-93 Super Dragon Portable Electric Blower Heater - 30,000 watts, 600 volts, 3 phase
Chromalox Super Dragon Portable Heater
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Super Dragon

Portable Electric Blower Heater


Standard Features: 

  • Totally Enclosed Drip Proof Motor With Adjustable

  • Pulleys Allowing For Adjustable Fan Speeds

  • 10" Pneumatic Tires

  • Thermostat 60-180 F

  • Fan Switch for Fan Only Operation

  • Temperature High Limit Cutout

  • Available in Industrial, Rental & ChromaCube versions - see product specifications for details

The Chromalox SDRA Super Dragon is a rugged, self contained, mobile electric blower heater that can be used with or without optional inlet or outlet 20 diameter flexible duct. The SDRA units can be used for comfort heating or process heating temperatures to 180 F, and can be located in an ambient of up to 130 F.
The SDRA includes a fan only switch, that allows the unit to be used to recirculate room air, supply fresh air source, or capture fume exhaust. The SDRA heaters provide for easily adjustable airflow for a wide variety of applications including flexible ducting up to 165 feet in length. Each unit includes two thermostats to enable the operator to set the maximum inlet and outlet temperatures, magnetic contactor(s), a 120 volt control transformer, power on pilot lights and a high limit cutout to protect the heater against unintended low air flow conditions.
The SDRA can be left unattended without the threat of fire or by-product of combustion from fuel fired heaters. The bright red polyester powder coated heater can be easily moved because of two 10 diameter pneumatic wheels on the outlet and a 4 lockable swivel castor on the inlet.
APPLICATIONS - Aircraft Cabin Heating; Plant Maintenance; Building Construction Sites; Curing Plaster and Concrete; Warming Workers; Drying After Flood Damage; Insect Control in Grain Mills; Thawing Frozen Pipes; Re-circulating Fresh Air; Circulating Fresh Air; Exhausting Contaminated Air.
  • Use with flexible duct on inlet or outlet
  • Locate directly into room controlled at 130 F
  • 30 - 60 kW
  • 480 or 600 V Single or Three Phase
  • 1100 - 2700 CFM - Temperature Rise 23 to 92 F 

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