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Danfoss Floor Heating - 088L3080 - LX Cable - 80 ft length - 10 Year Warranty

Part Number 088L3080
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Danfoss Floor Heating - 088L3080 - LX Cable - 80 ft length - 10 Year Warranty
Danfoss LX Floor Heating Cable
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Danfoss Floor Heating Systems

Danfoss LX Series Floor Heating Cable

Danfoss Floor Heating Systems

Part No. 088L3080 - 245 Watts; 240 Volts - 80 Ft. Length
Danfoss Floor Heating
Genuine 10 Year Non Pro Rated Warranty

Big Savings In Operating Costs Compared To Other Forms Of Heating
Proven Technology -  Safe, Reliable, and Energy Efficient
Danfoss Floor Heating Cable

Danfoss Floor Heating Single point connection - Twin conductor cable
Danfoss Floor Heating Fast 30 minute heat up time - advanced durable construction

Danfoss Floor Heating Emits zero EMF (electromagnetic fields) 

Danfoss Floor Heating Safety approved for wet locations
Danfoss Floor Heating Passes the rigorous IEEE impact test

All Mats Are 2 Ft. Wide - Power Leads Are 10 Ft. Long

A 15 square foot guest toilet or a 4000 square foot cathedral? Whether your heating requirements are large or small, Danfoss LX electric floor heating will provide efficient and comfortable heating. 

You can install Danfoss LX floor heating virtually anywhere, be it in a private villa, an apartment or condominium, a house, a school, an office or an industrial building. There is a Danfoss LX floor heating system suitable and optimized for every purpose imaginable.

Danfoss LX offers a wide range of heating cables and heating mats suitable for any floor construction (concrete or wood, etc.), and for use under any floor coverings such as tiles, wood, carpet or linoleum; suitable for any application regardless of whether the thinness of the resultant floor is of particular importance.

The Danfoss LX product range is equally comprehensive when it comes to thermostats. Danfoss LX offers “stand alone” solutions with single room thermostats, intelligent timer / thermostats - alone or networked, or thermostats that satisfy varied needs of entire households.

Danfoss Floor Heating

Danfoss Floor Heating

Danfoss LX Cable Heating Brochure

Danfoss LX Installation Manual

Danfoss Floor Heating
Danfoss Floor Heating

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