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Danfoss TX - SH Heating Cable; 115 Ft- 088L3723

Part Number 088L3723
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Danfoss TX - SH Heating Cable; 115 Ft- 088L3723
Danfoss TX Cable
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Danfoss Heating Cable
Danfoss TXSH Thermal Storage Heating Cablex


Danfoss TXSH (Storage Heating System) heating mats and cables are energized to warm a thermal mass below the floor surface. Danfoss TXSH is the ideal way to take advantage of local on-peak and off -peak energy prices. When the power system is in off -peak times, energy rates are lower.

When on peak times resume, the Danfoss TXSH system shuts off and the heat stored in the floor gently emanates across the floor surface for hours. The Danfoss TXSH system provides an energy efficient and cost effective method of heating, in a clean and silent manner.



Design Features

  • Twin conductor cable

  • Single point connection

  • Easy and flexible installation 

  • Durable construction

  • Eliminates EMF's (Electromagnetic fields)

  • Silent, efficient, automatic, and safe

  • Lower capital and operating costs

  • Genuine ten year non-prorated warranty, includes labor and material 



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